E-shop oblecsadorobty.sk thinks on customers also in their free time

Every morning most of us answer the same question: “How to dress for work”. Moreover, if your work is physical and you are at risk of having an accident, you need to care about it more than a white collar.

That’s why the www.oblecsadoroboty.sk e-shop has been created. It helps entrepreneurs, companies and individuals make purchases of clothing, footwear and other protective equipment easier and provide users comfortable feeling from high-uality products.

Despite the specific target group, e-shop owners have decided to make their customers more pleasant although they are not working. For each customer order they attach Thanks for the purchase – the LOYALITY PLUS envelope, filled with discount vouchers. In the form of this little gift, they can make joy from shopping in their home and save some money.

The envelope graphics communicate the headline “Thank you for dressing up with us”. The goals of communication are:

  • pleasure customers,
  • build a customer relationship,
  • distinguish from competition and
  • tell customers where to find new stocks, product tests, and news.

In addition, the envelope with the Thank-you message used as a Packaging Inserts to eshop Orders reaches via brand-shops also offline clients, who prefer offline shopping, what in the general increases the effectiveness of the entire campaign.


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