• CSOMAG PLUSZ is network of online stores

    dedicated to inserting advertising attachments and samples into packets in the Hungaria, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Poland and Romania to reach over 2 million active online shopping customers. The advertising attachments in parcels of CSOMAG PLUSZ network partners will allow you to reach active online shopping customers.


  • sietbalikplus

    The client

    defines the target audience and campaign objectives


    delivers advertising attachments to shipping parnetrs and monitors network forwarding.

    Online shops

    insert advertising attachments in their packages


    enjoy positive shopping experience with advertising attachments and use special offers.
  • CSOMAG PLUSZ internationally

    we operate in the Hungaria, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Poland and Romania


Advertisers and agencies

CSOMAG PLUSZ is a marketing tool used for sending targeted advertising attachments and samples to shoppers.

  • - accurately reaching the target group
  • - more than one million active online shopping customers
  • - effective marketing tool
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Shipping partners

Earn money for sending packages
by inserting advertising attachments.

Give your customers added value
in the form of discount coupons, free gifts and samples.

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What our partners have said about us

  • Realized campaigns with the BALÍK PLUS network worked really well and the impact on our customer made us satisfied. The whole company team acts very professional end effortless. It was certainly not our last cooperation.

    Ladislav Vichánek
    Marketing Manager
  • This kind of reaching new customers showed us as a good additional form of communication. Achieved results of the campaigns with conversion from 1,1 until 2,0 % surprised us in a positive way. I can see the advantage mainly in targeted reach of our customers, therefore we plan to cooperate with the network BALÍK PLUS also in the future.

    Denisa Příhodová
    Marketingový manažér
  • For quite a long time, we searched for a way to reactivate customers. This concept has now brought us a solution for motivating our customers to buy again. Cooperation with the BALÍK PLUS network is excellent because it gives us additional funds for marketing by getting income from inserting advertising attachments by giving interesting added value to our customers.

    Radek Ondrášik
    Marketing Director
  • In cooperation with the company BALÍK PLUS we acquire new customers for our service TESCO Home Delivery. The best way that has been proven for us, is to offer our customers more coupon codes at one voucher, allowing customers to choose a benefit that suits them the most. We consider our cooperation very positive as the conversion of the campaigns is over 3%.

    Nina Mikulová
    GHS Performance Marketing Coordinator
  • Customer satisfaction is very important to us. For us, it means always giving our customers something extra. Advertising attachments and samples from the BALÍK PLUS network help us in this approach.

    Ing. Libor Chaloupka
    Marketing Manager
  • Muziker
  • inSPORTline
  • topgal.hu
  • tesco
  • stoklasa
  • coopydoo
  • Iparfumeria
  • Feedo
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