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Sign up to the CSOMAG PLUSZ network through our website. Registration is free.

By confirming the registration e-mail, your personal account at the CSOMAG PLUSZ network will be activated. Upon registration you will be able to start receiving advertising attachments for insertion into packages.

Ordering and Delivery of Advertising Attachments

For each material for insertion, we will inform you in advance through your personal CSOMAG PLUSZ account, as well as via e-mail.

After receiving your confirmation, we will send all the details about the advertising attachments, quantities of each attachments and date of delivery to your personal account.
Advertising attachments will then delivered (at our cost) to your specified shipping address.

You can start inserting the materials into parcels and begin sending them immediately after receiving the delivery of attachments.

Status Report

Please update the number of distributed attachments in your personal CSOMAG PLUSZ account at least once a week, so we can better plan capacities and monitor the progress of sending advertising attachments.

Based on your reports we determine whether the volume of advertising attachments that you received will be sent in the near future and we can plan and supply you with new materials to be inserted.

Termination of Sending Attachments and Payment Acceptance

Once you have distributed the complete amount of the provided attachments, just use the system to confirm that you have successfully inserted all advertising attachments and sent them to customers. After confirming insertion completion, the reward allocated to this specific advertisement will be added to your monthly account. Every month, by the 15th day of the following month, you will receive a statement of your account and your fee will be transferred to your bank account.

Please note that we conduct mystery purchases in order to check whether your shipments were accompanied by the required advertising attachments. Contribute to the quality of the CSOMAG PLUSZ network! Only high quality can ensure that we will be able to continue to supply you with new advertising attachments.

Do not hesitate to contact us in any case.

Recent Posts

It’s a pleasure to shop at Answear. We already know why! and CSOMAG PLUSZ started working together in 2017 and since then have had more joint projects in the form of print coupons and online campaigns on the coupon portal Last year, Krisz Sebó became a Country Manager of the Hungarian branch of Answear and we talked to him about all changes, successes in the last time, as well as about the plans to the future.

Last year it brought you many positive changes, for example, your website has changed. Why did you decide to renew it?
This is a part of a larger process. We are currently operating in 7 countries (Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary) and the brand itself was founded in December 2010, so it has been 9 years since its launch. It was high time for redesign. We started in Hungary in 2016, but the online world is changing day by day, demands are changing as well, and our job is to keep track of those changes and meet them. Creating a more practical, user friendly page for our customers, where buying becomes an experience, and this was the main reason for all those changes.

Why is it an experience to buy in answear?
I don’t know how you are, but I’m always in a hurry. We want to show, the shopping is not another problem for people, but to make this activity extremely efficient in minimal time – what is nowadays very rare. A web-redesing and new features follow it. Thanks to the new filters above the products is much easier to find the product you are looking for. The system automatically saves the set filters, which can be removed with a single click. If you found a “product of your dreams” in the offer, with larger and more detailed photos and a precise product description, you can get closely look and add it to your “favorite” products. From there you can add the products to shopping cart at any time. The core design of the site has also changed with new features. We stayed in a minimalist design, but with many more categories placed on the home page.

You also have a new loyalty program…
Yes, everyone who joins the Answear Club will get much more favorable terms. Basically, for each order, the customer get points that can be redeem for next purchases. The latest news is that at Answear Club points can also be apply to products with discount, which means that you buy online cheaper up to 50%.

Have you changed your courier service?
Yes, till now, GLS-courier service guarantees the high quality of delivery and is no longer the only one. A novelty has already been the Zasielkovňa with its branches in which our customers have an opportunity to take over or return their orders.

What are your plans to the future?
We have many plans and what we are proud of is that we have had done a few of them at the beginning of this year. Last year we moved our warehouse to a larger logistics center in a one night. This meant moving more than 2 million products, for which we needed 50 trucks and hundreds of helpful hands. This was just the first step. Due to growing demands, we are developing our customer services so we can serve as many of our customers as possible.

We also have plans to pay more attention to sustainable fashion in 2020. Last year in Poland we have started the ECO-project with great success. On this basis, we would like to continue, but for now will not tell you more.

But no secret is our challenge to grow awareness of Answear brand, through classic forms of marketing campaigns as well as creative projects. This is a great opportunity to work with your network of web-shops, where we achieve this goal – via advertising inserts in packages and online coupons and banners on

Following existing cooperation, we would like to continue as a partner´s e-shop, to offer our customers vouchers and discounts of another online shopping. This is an added value that our customers like, so we can use the earnings from commissions for launching other marketing projects.

The best of cooperation and  CSOMAG PLUSZ


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