Bonus catalogue

Offline bonus katalóg
Advertising Marketing Concept designed for non-competitive clients, presenting in the form of a 12-page coupon catalog. A marketing tool offers the advantageous ratio between high interference and the cost of reaching a single customer.

  • Direct Reach of potential and existing online customers
  • Individual client visualization on the one page – distribution directly in the online storie´s packages
  • Dominating segment: WOMEN as an online shopping customer
  • Advertiser’s exclusivity guarantee within the segment, with the promotion of the logo on the title page


Technical specifications

Catalog dimmensions: 190 x 93 mm or 145 x 145 mm
Paper: 90 – 115 ONM
Weight: 10 g – 15 g
Binding type: V1 or V2
A front cover is an image page with a list of logos each advertiser in related edition.


  • Target group: online stores focusing on women
  • Distribution: 6 weeks
  • Total load: 80 000 – 100 000 pcs
  • Price: from 190 000 Ft-tól
  • Request a calculationEditorial plan
  • Registration for the next edition is already running!
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Warderobe change with the UrbanStore Voucher

UrbanStore – the best brands in one place! See how trendy e-shop full of lifestyle and sportswear and shoes; reach new customers and power the brand in the Slovak and Czech markets.

Seasonal change of wardrobes is the theme that UrbanStore uses the 2018 Autumn campaign to attract new customers, build brand awareness and consolidate the UrbanStore brand position among fashionable e-shops. An exclusive voucher has been included.

Through the BALÍK PLUS network, to more than 1,500 partner e-shops on the Czech and Slovak markets, we address active online buyers. Up to 80,000 packages have an exclusive discount coupon for a convenient online purchase with a discount of 4 € for a complete offer of the e-shop range.

The timing of campaign launch and insert vouchers in the packages was chosen at the time of seasonal change of wardrobes, when summer dresses replaced autumn-winter clothes and shoes. In the time of the “big shopping” in fashion, apparel, footwear or accessories. The validity of the coupon – until the end of the year – provides space for the discount to buy Christmas gifts and already affects the decision making of the client when choosing an e-shop in which to buy.

The right segmentation voucher is targeting clients by AGE and GENDER as well as FASHION and BEAUTY categories, which are among the strongest segments and an interesting return on investment during this period.

The chosen print form of acquisition activity is just one of the channels of the overall marketing strategy of UrbanStore, which will help to attract new customers and make effective and long-term cooperation with us.



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